SMSE with Aubrey


In our second installment of the “Save Money, Save Energy” series, we cover how the platform helped motivate an Ontario Power Generation engineer put money away for home energy upgrades.

"MyEnergyXpert was a great motivator. I needed a push to invest in home upgrades."

Meet Aubrey, an engineer who works with Ontario Power Generation. It's no secret that younger people are finding it more difficult to afford a home. Aubrey has separated herself from the rest by buying a home before her 30th birthday. Still, it's hard to imagine sky-high energy bills mixing well with a mortgage.

"I moved into this house about two years ago, but I'm just getting used to all bills I've got to pay," said Aubrey, who cited the GreenON programs as a way to reduce these bills and make home energy upgrades "With these rebates, I'm hoping to bring down my heating costs."

Thanks to GreenON, homeowners like Aubrey can get incentives to make home energy upgrades and renovations. Unfortunately, this begs the question...which renovations should she make? Moreover, what programs or incentives does she qualify for? For Aubrey, it seemed like the dream of more affordable homeownership was still a mystery.

"The Great Northern Insulation website directed me to the MyEnergyXpert audit. It gave me a good baseline for what to do. It’s a good learning tool and I found the audit helpful in guiding you through the thought process of choosing home renovations."

Enter the MyEnergyXpert audit. By answering some easy questions online, Aubrey got a customized home improvement plan. All it took for her to get started was entering simple details (square footage, home age) about her house. The whole process took only ten minutes. Near the end, Aubrey was able to seamlessly book an appointment with her insulation company to make home energy upgrades.

Aubrey now sees exactly where her home's energy consumption could be more efficient. Before this, Aubrey had never made any major home installations or home energy upgrades. In fact, the most she'd done was switch her light bulbs to LED. She knew that it was important to shut appliances down during off-peak hours, but what more could she do? How could she find ways lower her propane bills in the winter?

"With all the rebates, I want to upgrade my home insulation and I’m gonna replace the windows this year. Depending on how much that costs, I'll put money away to replace the furnace."

Thanks to the MyEnergyXpert audit, Aubrey has a clear action plan. Now, Aubrey will have more time and money for hiking, snowboarding, and camping.

Yes, we designed MyEnergyXpert to be simple enough for the average homeowner to use. That said, seeing energy engineers learn from the platform? It doesn't get cooler than that.

Are you a homeowner like Aubrey? Take the MyEnergyXpert platform learn about the savings and incentives available to you.

Want to learn more about insulation in your home? Head to our Great Northern Insulation's website to request a free home assessment.

Bruce Chen