SMSE with Farah

“With another baby on the way, we knew upgrading our home would help us in the future.”

Meet Farah, a long-time Energy+ customer from Cambridge, Ontario. For a while, she was mystified why she was paying so much for her utility bills. It’s no secret that every family would love to pay less, but a roadmap to savings hasn’t exactly been made clear for families such as Farah’s. 

With another baby on the way and a demanding work schedule to boot, was it really Farah’s first priority to find a way to save on her utility bills? After all…utility bill prices are just what they are, right? If you don’t pay them, the lights don’t turn on and the water doesn’t run.

So, what if there was a solution for homeowners to save on energy bills while improving the comfort of their home? Who wouldn’t want an extra $100 worth of yearly savings? $200? Better yet, what about $1,000?

That’s what Farah and her family stood to save by installing a new furnace the My Energy Efficiency Program rebates. To Farah’s good fortune, her brother introduced her to the MyEnergyXpert platform; a free, online energy audit that would explain how she could reduce her utility costs.

Suddenly, Farah no longer needed to rely her paper utility bills to stay on top of her energy savings. More importantly, she got a customized plan that explained exactly what installations her home needed to be more energy efficient.

“The platform recommended that we upgrade to more efficient light bulbs. Getting those large LED discounts from Energy+ twice a year also really helps!”

The MyEnergyXpert audit can be done from your home desktop, mobile phone or tablet. Farah admitted that she thought the audit might’ve been hard to use at first. Moreover, she was a bit skeptical that 11 simple questions answered online could really show her the home improvements she needed to make.

Let’s face it — buying a furnace is not inherently an easy process, much less an affordable one. Despite not being the most comfortable with online surveys, Farah got through the audit quite easily; with little pop-ups that guiding to her savings, the platform proved to be easy and intuitive.

At the end, Farah had learned a lot about her home and would recommend it to first-time home-buyers and even to those who aren’t savvy with technology. Even for those who are, it isn’t exactly intuitive how much your light bulbs, faucets or home insulation really cost you.

“There are a lot more savings we could use on our home. We made a few upgrades, but we still have more work to do.”

If you’re an Energy+ customer and save with MyEnergyXpert like Farah, head to this website to learn more!

Bruce Chen