What MyEnergyXpert Delivers For Energy Providers.

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We've built the ultimate customer engagement tool

MyEnergyXpert facilitates program participation through a variety of modules and services. Mix and match the following modules to craft your perfect customer engagement program.


Automated Online Customer Engagement Platform

MyEnergyXpert enables your customers to easily qualify for energy efficiency programs. With personalized savings plans, we make it easy for customers to take action towards energy efficiency without engaging high cost-to-serve resources like call centers.


Engineering-Grade Walkthrough Audits

Forget about Excel spreadsheets and manual inputs for walk-through audits. We work with your service organizations and help them collect data and schedule appointments with customers.


Home Energy Reports at Scale

Get a detailed, comprehensive home energy reporting solution. MyEnergyXpert has the capability to generate thousands of reports for all of your customers.


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MyEnergyXpert empowers people to take action and make efficient use of energy in their building. We manage the entire customer journey which includes providing:


Online Marketplace for Energy Efficient Products

Generate new revenues and reduce customer churn by up-selling them on value-added services and products. After a user takes the audit, we can drop ship energy-saving products to them through our e-commerce portal.


Built-In Fulfillment Services

MyEnergyXpert handles the whole product lifecycle from start to finish. Customers who want to take action can get lighting, HVAC and building envelope retrofits through our fulfillment partners.


Customized Marketing Services and Plans

We'll take those customer insights and turn them into personalized, effective marketing plans that are proven to engage your customers.


Turnkey business intelligence reports

MyEnergyXpert enables you to easily process customer insight data and determine the most effective conservation programs for your residential and small business customers.


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Track, integrate and understand your customers.

No need to beg your IT personnel to help you migrate or integrate all your data with MyEnergyXpert. Just leave it to us.


Seamless Billing Integration

MyEnergyXpert integrates with your online billing portals, which allows us to notify your customers right when they're thinking about ways to lower their energy bills.


Powerful Customer Information Management

Imagine if your customers' data could all exist in one place. MyEnergyXpert can integrate with your CIS/CRM APIs, allowing program managers and service organizations to work better together.


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What They Said


"EnergyX Solutions has become a trusted business partner that has delivered customized solutions to support a number of Programs that have helped Enbridge better understand our customers and drive program participation."

John Tideman
Manager, Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc.