A competitive advantage for Utilities & Energy Retailers

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There's strength in numbers.

We collect and analyze your customer's data with our AI-powered machine learning technology to improve and develop your energy efficiency programs.

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Better Segment Your Customer Base

Get customer insights powered by data science and machine learning through MyEnergyXpert. From the admin dashboard, program managers can access custom reports based on their specific requirements.


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Generate personalized, data-driven solutions.

With AI, machine-learning, and data science, we're able to tap into what your customers are looking for and empower them to take action towards energy efficiency. 


Automated Customer Engagement

MyEnergyXpert enables you to help the customer through timely, personalized, and automated marketing tactics. Need an extra hand? We'll get you in touch with one of our dedicated marketing managers to ensure you’re hitting your engagement metrics.


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Be a trusted energy advisor.

MyEnergyXpert offers recommendations to your customers, navigating them towards the right energy-saving path for them. 


Reduce Your Cost-To-Serve

By offering timely and relevant energy saving recommendations to customers, MyEnergyXpert helps reduce the volume of calls into your call centre.


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We like to mix it up a little.

MyEnergyXpert works even better when we work with your existing technology or systems.  

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Integrated with Your Existing Systems

MyEnergyXpert works with any existing technology or systems. We work seamlessly with your IT departments to implement our ready-made products.


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