The UtilityXpert Roundup by EnergyX - March 11th

In this week’s UtilityXpert Roundup, Indiana Michigan Power makes a big splash. Elsewhere, Duke Energy is educating the world about data analytics and Xcel Energy is doing big things with clean energy. All over the world, though, LEDs are making a big, victorious play in arenas. By that, we mean sports arenas. Soon, your favourite Sunday activities and arenas will become more energy efficient.

Xcel Energy has an aggressive clean energy goal. How will it get there? (Energy Central)

In Colorado, Xcel Energy says its recently announced goal of 80 percent reduction in carbon emissions by 2030 can be achieved with existing technology. Costs of renewables have declined, weather forecasts have improved, and engineers have learned how to integrate higher and higher levels of clean power without sacrificing reliability.

But for that final 20 percent of emissions-free power, the company wants to see improved weather forecasts, and, most critically, improved storage technology. Market reforms will also be needed to better manage the grid. We love how they acknowledge that solar must play a larger role as a “big data” problem.

On-Demand: Blazing the Analytics Trail at a Public Utility with Duke Energy (UAI)

We love webinars for learning about the industry. You can hear this webinar on demand from Norv Clontz, Director, Data Science Innovation, Duke Energy. Attendees can learn about how to grow data science as a competency, how the role supports a utility’s strategic roadmap, and what tools to use for data analysis.

Three Must Have Financial Components for All HVAC Project Proposals (Energy Manager Today)

When pitching energy efficiency projects, providing an economic analysis of project benefits is an essential sales technique. However, the traditional approach of estimating energy and maintenance savings is not enough – it shows your customer only part of the picture.

This article provides examples showing the importance of each of these three financial components. By including these in all proposals, customers will see the entire picture when reviewing your project’s economics. 

By combining all three of these financial components, your customer will see a complete picture of your project’s economics. An informed customer is always more likely to say YES to projects with strong economics.
— Larry Derrett, Founder and CEO, EnFlux Building Solutions

LED Lighting Poised to Take Over Stadiums and Arenas (Energy Manager Today)

LEDs in large outdoor fixtures have gone from 80 lumens to watt average in 2013 to 130 lumens to watt average in 2018. The cost of that watt in high-output fixtures is decreasing, now at $1.36/watt of street pricing in 2018. Even with the energy savings, the upfront cost was the barrier to entry. Now with the high efficiency, dropping costs and versatility, LED lights are making gains in the world of stadium and arena lighting.

I&M's Energy Efficiency Program Helps Upgrade Wastewater Treatment Plant (EE Online)

Through one of I&M's energy efficiency programs, the joint wastewater treatment plant earned more than $40,000 in rebates for its efforts to slash its energy use in the facility. The plant will save more than 666,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually - enough to power 56 homes in Michigan for one year.

Bruce Chen